I Love House GR: Interview with Tigerskin (English Version)


tigerskin5The Discograyphy of Alex Krüger is maybe one of the biggest you can find around. He releases on labels like Dessous, Suol, Mood Music, Dirt Crew Recordings, Rotary Cocktail or his own Organic Domain Imprint. Some of his tracks where licensed to the Mix CD´s like Steve Bugs Bugnology, Slams Sci Fi Hi Fi 5 or Ministry´s of Sound “Clubbers Guide to Berlin”. Regular Brazil, US/CAN and Russia Tours are a few highlights besides playing all around Europe, but the best thing about Alexander Krueger is that he is this down to earth guy, you can have a beer and chat about world politics with and just feel comfortable…like his music…!

Since we have enjoyed each and every live performance of yours we strongly support that “Tigerskin live performances are full of energy and creativity”. Where do you get this power and energy?

Well, of course this view might be different for each listener, but most of my tracks are no dj-tools. I like songs that are like a journey with a buildup, a peak and some kind of “final” in the end. So when I play live most single tracks are like that followed by the next track with the similar buildup. Up-down-up-down…
I find sets most boring where just beats and a bass and a vocal is playing all the time and the rest that happens is just background fx. Also I do like classic instruments a lot, pianos, guitars, strings… these sometimes got more energy than a loop of weird computer sounds.


What made you choose this business?

I didn’t really choose it, it came slowly and sucked me in. At some point I realized: “Wow, I’m actually really living from making music.”

Being in music industry for almost two decades, you have witnessed many changes and digital evolution. Tell us few words from your point of view..

Things have to change once in a while otherwise there wouldn’t be any evolution.. for good or worse. I try to be open about new developments, which is not always easy as you grow older and have your history, but trends are never much set by older artists anyway. I try to work in different fields of music and with different people to not lose touch.


How much do you believe affected you the fact that you are born & bred in Berlin? And in which level do you believe that the cultural explosion that happens now to the city will influenced you in your future works?

It didn’t affect my interest in making music as a kid, but the years between 1989 and 1996 definitely left a stamp on my work. Berlin used to be a spot that you just can’t compare with anything else i’ve seen (the detroit guys always mention that it was pretty much like their city was). You would just walk a street on a Saturday night in a really fucked up area like “Prenzlauer Berg” (now super fancy and very expensive) and hear music from a backyard, you would enter and stumble into a underground techno or hiphop party or a weird outdoor art gallery with interesting people. Of course now it’s not like that anymore. I don’t really see a “cultural explosion” now. it’s more like there’s a lot of people coming over to “get their piece of the cake” and when they got it they move on. I think back then people simply came to do something and live at an interesting place without having much money. Now they come to be part of something and they’re willing to pay every price for it.

Try the Impossible EP” and “In Trance EP” was certainly a creative way to start this year. Your comment for these..

I like those but I moved on already. I’m done with this kind of sample-house once more, but it was definitely nice to come back to it so many years after doing the french house thing in the mid 90s.

Tigerskin.. Dub Taylor.. Korsakow.. We love all of them, is anyone more preferable over the other?

No. These are just names for more or less the same thing.

To sum up is there anything else for your work that you would like to share with us and your fans?

My second album as Tigerskin. “All Those Goodbyes” will be release October, 14th. and looking forward to this. I worked with some great talents on it.

Alex thanks for your time and we’re looking forward to see you again in Greece!