I Love House GR: Interview with George Boronas of Square Room Heroes (English Version)

boronas2George Boronas begun his dj career during the mid 90’s in Thessaloniki, Greece. Early influences came from his parents record collection. Bands and artists like the Doors, Pet Shop Boys, Jean Michel Jarre and many many others. According to his parents, since the age of 7, George discovers his love for music and starts learning piano and guitar. After a few years, he starts collecting vinyls and by the age of 16 he start his career playing at parties. Soon he changed his musical taste and moved into deep house, house, tech-house and techno with influences that came from USA’s 90’s house and techno scene, as well as house from the UK. More especially Detroit, Chicago and New York. Artists like Jeff Mills, DJ Sneak, Todd Terry, Terry Francis amongst many others.

How did you get involved and what stimulated you starting this career?

I started in the mid to late 90’s and what stimulated me the most was the music influences of that era. It was the time when the electronic music began to flourish more & more everyday in Greece and artists like Technotronic, 2 unlimited, Ramirez and others appeared. Moreover, the music preferences of my parents, ranged within various music genres, influenced me as well, for example Jean Michel Jarre, Pet Shop Boys and more others. The joy that can offer a discothèque with its music ranges in the audience I believe it is endless!

Djing or producing? What do you enjoy more?

Honestly, I can’t decide what I like the most. I believe that both have their beauty and their difficulties.

George Boronas

George Boronas

Electronic Music in Greece…”Hot” issue for those who love this kind of music. What is your opinion?

I think that Greek electronic music has better moments now compared to the past. More and more Greek producers leave their mark on the world music scene. Unfortunately, the audience supporting this music seems to be limited here in Greece. On the other hand, this could mean that there is more opportunities offered and more chances for improvement.

Your favorite event that you could never forget?

As far as Greece is concerned, definitely Saturday nights at Elvis bar, in Balaoritou area Thessaloniki, are my favorites. For 10 years the interaction with people was amazing and never stopped before the next morning. Of course, the night that I will never forget took place at Berlin’s famous “Club Der Visionaere” few months ago. There together with my colleagues and friends Seidensticker & Salour we present a 12 hour set, that was an unforgetable event.

Your favorite artist?

After so many years in clubs both in Greece and abroad, I would say that this is probably the hardest choice to made…There are so many remarkable artists around the world that it is impossible to choose one. Since electronic music has so many genres and its and every one has its grace for the respective moments of our lives, making only one choice is impossible. That’s why I will choose some of my favorites like GummiHz, Seidensticker & Salour, Steve Bug, Richie Hawtin, Martin Buttrich, Loco Dice, Marco Carola, Maceo Plex, Art Department and many others as well…

Along with George Delkos you started the “Square Room Heroes” in 2011. What can you tell us about this collaboration?

It is a partnership that began and continues on good terms, we have joined our music forces and knowledge for the best acoustic result. We have released several EPs and singles in foreign record labels such as Claap, Phonograph, Visionquest, Back and Forth and many more will follow in the near future .

Square Room Heroes

Square Room Heroes

Some more comments about your current projects, what we should expect from you? Is there something you’d like to share with us?

During this season I am focused mainly on my appearances both in Greece and abroad while I am preparing some new music projects that will be released this winter. I refer to “Want You” EP which will be released by Subsonic in Australia and some wonderful remixes from Guido Schneider and Nico Stojan.

Two EPs of yours have been recently released, “Lovers & Fighters” by Back and Forth and “We are Here” by Phonograph. What about them give us some “feedback”.

“We are Here” EP was released as the first of the Phonograph Music and it is essentially a house statement, since this kind of music really stimulate us. “Lovers & Fighters” released in the Italian Back and Forth of Cosmic Cowboys and consists of three different tracks, one of them was chosen to be remixed by Larsson and we expect its release in the next EP.

Approximately after one and a half years, when we first listened to the track «Want you» at Moustache Festival in Thessaloniki, it’s finally the time for its official release…Talk to us about this wonderful track!

It is a track written with great passion and sincere love. It was an instant conception, that as it is seen by the audience’s acceptance, worth our time and passion. This track I am happy that it will be released by Subsonic ltd Australia accompanied with the wonderful remixes of Guido Schneider and Nico Stojan in the forthcoming days.


During the summer you were focused on appearances abroad and particularly in Berlin! Give us the mood of our favorite city… Feelings, atmosphere, people!

This is something something difficult to describe with words, someone should experience it in order to understand it. My first gig was at club “Weekend”, located in a downtown Berlin skyscrapper, supporting the live performance of Wareika and Francesco Ascenza, the founder of Sleep Is Commercial. This gig was followed by djing at Heinz Room, the main stage of the famous Katerholzig (former Bar25) along with Jakob Seidensticker and Wareika. There, we played some unreleased tracks of ours that receive great acceptance. Finally, I had the honor to be invited at the Club Der Visionaere’s booth, presenting a different and full of emotions set for 10 hours!!! I think it’s needless to say that in all of my live performances the support of the people was beyond any expectation. This is something that it is possible to happen in Berlin because, in my opinion, is the “Mecca” of electronic music scene these years, the audience is tireless and simply open minded to new sounds and different kinds of music. So, one thing is for sure, I look forward to my next gig at Berlin.

Eleven years Elvis Bar, eleven years of dynamic parties, we can well remember the dynamic closing party of spring season with Jakob Seidensticker that lasted till late at the morning. Which is the party that you distinguish and which dj has been a surprise for you, either positively or negatively?

All these years I am glad that I have been offered the opportunity to play along with great artists and enjoy live sets of so many producers that were hosted at Elvis Bar. Everyone of them has their specific style and for me eveyone has something special. Such artists are Ray Okpara, Jakob Seidensticker, Christian Bourkhardt, Tom Trago and so many others.

George we would like to thank you sincerely for your time and of course for the awesome Podcast that you prepare especially for Ilovehouse.Gr