I Love House GR: Interview with And.ID (English Version)


And.idHe is one of the most popular DJ and producers in Greece, starting his carear in Thessaloniki, he now lives in Berlin making his own steps of progress in international electronic scene.
His tracks have Mediterranean influences and a jazz attitude. With releases like “Psychedelic Love“, “Black Mamba“, “Need for Chicago” and the brand new LP “Eternal Return“, it seems like their is no top that he can’t reach. His live perfomances are one of a kind for this music genre. He knows how to perform combining heavy beats and tech house rhythms.

How did your trip in electronic music start? What prompted you to become a producer and dj?

I get involved with electronic music in the mid 90s. Some borrowed mixtapes from my friends and the first rave parties that took place in Thessaloniki intrigued me and made me involved with that genre.


Does Berlin make the difference in elctronic music that you choose to follow?

Berlin inspires me and my music is definitely influenced by the city that I live.

Except the times you perform live, what do you choose, cd or vinyl ?

Definitely vinyl, but it is purely personal choice. Of course the first reason is the music! There are people who play a fantastic set with just a laptop.


You said in one of your interviews that you’d like to play along with an orchestra. Do you have  in mind a particular city, festval or scene to do that?

My plan is to do something like that in my city, Thessaloniki. I have in mind some scenes but I am not in hurry to do that. When the idea matured in my mind I will start to work in it thoroughly.

Since 2008 you are a member of Mobilee Records and we heard you say that Anja (Schneider) was the one to bring in this family. Additionally, in the most parties you have attend the vibes we get was so warm and positive. So, does it feel like home?

Sure, Mobilee is more than a label. The relationships are very good between all the artists and the people who work for us.

And.id Live @ FACT Music Pool Series: Mobilee Pool Session, Barcelona

Tell us about your new LP “Eternal Return”, which contains 10 tracks which are great..

For long time I was thinking to present a comprehensive work on this kind of music. I had tracks that did not match in my previous albums. Thus, we have created a new and complete album, this album is musi anthology and I named ot “Eternal Return”. Ii is the closure of a cycle and simultaneously the start of a new era for me.

We love many tracks of yours all these years and the new LP you have a re-edit of one of them. We refer to the track “Isalos” … Eventually “does the killer return to the crime scene”?

“Isalos” was the place that defined me as a dj and producer, in this place I had the opportunity to meet amazing people with a passion for music! Hence this track was created. But I haven’t managed to print it on vinyl since the first release was digital. So I decided to work on it again and include it in the album.

On Saturday (03.08.13) we will have the pleasure to attend a new gig of yours in Kohi Beach Bar along with Taso Korkovelos among others. Tasos plays the keys in And.ID & Band. How did the band begin? Is this is indeed a harmonic cooperation?

The band is a project that emerged in 2009. The idea was swished in my mind many years ago. I am very lucky to be working with these musicians. Abettor is Francesco Paolo D’Andrea, he is on bass, when I told him the idea he was thrilled and he immediately put me in touch with Taso Korkovelos (keyboards) and Vassilis Bacharidis (percussion). And within a summer evening and after few drinks at the bar “Don’t tell mama” we were “tied” togother and we have the form that you get today. Many exciting things will come after this winter, that will find perfoming for special music events and I hope that we will have some new releases, as well.

Thanks for the interview, and renew appointment on Saturday 3rd of August at Kohi Beach Bar in Halkidiki for the anniversary party of Go Out Productions.

5 Years Go Out Anniversary Party